Telematics and Electronics hardware for OEM's

We engage with OEM's (vehicle manufacturers) for Design, Development and Manufacturing of various Telematics & Customized Electronic Products.

We can provide turn-key solution spanning across not only Hardware, but also Cloud & Applications.

Our customers include several leading Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Agriculture and 2-Wheeler vehicle manufacturers.

Our Solutions include

Connected Car


3G/4G Embedded Android based infotainment platform. Apart from basic features such as Radio, USB, Bluetooth – it also supports a custom Drive-safe UI with OEM App store, Projection Mode (Car Play) and Full Telematics Integration.

GPS Tracking Device

OBD Telematics

OBD-II Based Telematics devices which cater to all vehicle types. Our OBD-II devices support J1939 protocol and works with all vehicle types. OBD-II devices are available with 2G/3G/4G connectivity.


Mobile App based Infotainment

Our Mobile App based infotainment platform provides a drive-safe way for end-users to interact with phone features while driving. OEM's can use this as a low-cost solution to integrate with their existing display-less audio system – to provide an integrated multimedia experience as well as enable Telematics features.



Our modular cloud platform enables OEM's to adapt a complete lifecycle for a telematics rollout – starting from provisioning, sales, dealership enablement to supporting end customer features – such as E-call/B-Call, Track-n-Trace, Diagnostics etc. Hosting options include on premise deployment or Cloud hosting on AWS/Azure.

Connected Car

SOS Button with Voice

Our push-button SOS device comes with inbuilt voice support and integrates with vehicle’s existing wiring harness. It can quickly integrate with any emergency response system or a call-center based customer support system. We also have a version with telematics features integrated.

GPS Tracking Device

Custom Electronics Design & Consultancy

Our engineering team’s deep expertise in Hardware & firmware design can help OEM's design customized connected solutions. We offer rapid prototyping and manufacturing support. We also offer T&M based consultancy services to OEMs for electronics design/firmware development.



We have various variants of non-OBD Telematics Control Units (TCUs). The devices are IP67 Certified with CAN integration and custom IOs. Variants include connectivity options of 2G/3G/4G and other sensor add-ons. The TCUs integrate with our Cloud solution or can even talk to the existing OEM cloud platform. Variants of this device are available for all vehicle types – including two-wheelers & heavy vehicles.



Included with our Telematics Solution, we have customizable Web/Mobile Applications for OEM's, their Dealerships and their end users. The data is made available from the Telematics devices and can provide OEMs with a 360 degree analytical view of their vehicles and their customers.