Connected Car


Our Rollr Telematics solution is designed for Personal Vehicles, Small & Large Fleet Owners. We offer customizations and ERP integrations for large fleet owners and System Integrators.

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Our Solutions include

GPS Tracking Device

Personal Vehicles

Rollr Mini – the Flagship Rollr Product is an OBD-II based plug-n-play device with inbuilt connectivity to the cloud. Getting started with the device is really simple – just Plug-in and activate on your mobile – and you can instantly get location, driving behaviour, vehicle health and other analytics from your car.


Fleet Rollr

For fleet owners with a fleet size of 5 to 100 – we recommend our Fleet Rollr solution. We offer different hardware variants (Rollr Mini or Rollr Pro) to choose from along with Immobilizer and Sensors add-ons. Fleet Rollr comes with a fully featured Web dashboard which helps our customers to keep a vigil on their vehicle fleet.


Enterprise Fleet

Our Enterprise fleet offering for large fleet owners and System integrators has multiple device options along with hardware extensions and sensors integrations. Our APIs are open for building Telematics integration in existing systems such as Logistics Automation or to build a completely new use case such as Home Automation, School Bus Tracking, Ambulance Tracking or Field staff monitoring.