Connected Car


Our IoT Platform can apply to several use cases such as Industrial Automation, Home Appliances Connectivity, Agriculture Tech or virtually any field which can benefit from having connected monitoring and control.

Our Solutions include

GPS Tracking Device

Hardware Extensions & Connectivity

Our scalable IoT Hardware platform lets you choose for different compute power, sensor extensions, interfacing and connectivity options. Suiting to your application, we can recommend different microcontroller/microprocessor based hardware design.

Choose from different connectivity options – either go for an embedded connectivity (via Modem) or we can implement local gateway/controller based solution via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Zigbee/LORA.


Cloud Backend

Our modular cloud backend offers a secure and scalable platform for storing and analysing any sort of streaming data from the IoT devices.

The modular cloud architecture helps to build end-to-end applications. Firmware update over the Air (FOTA) is supported on all devices so that you are able to fix bugs and release new features to your end users at all times.

Our cloud offers different protocols support to the IoT devices as well as to third party applications and servers.


Applications & Integrations

While our basic application can showcase the data streaming from the devices in a meaningful dashboard – we can quickly build additional features into the application that can support your specific business case. For applications that may require integrations with existing systems – we offer API/Protocol level integration to enable that.